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Responsible Business Policy

Yardley London is one of England’s oldest and most established purveyors of quality perfumes and soaps. Steeped in a 246 year heritage, Yardley London is a quintessentially English fragrance brand and prides itself on offering authentic and credible quality floral fragrances and ancillary body products, which are affordable and accessible. Yardley London prides itself on its Royal warrant and since 1921 has been awarded 6 Royal warrants.

True to our heritage, we feel that it is important that as many of our products as possible are sourced in the UK and as of 2016 100% of our products are manufactured in the UK. All relationships with our suppliers are based on having full transparency of the ingredients and packaging componentry that they source on our behalf and they must also adhere to our no animal testing policy. We choose only to work with manufacturers with a proven record of safe and environmentally friendly practices.

As such Yardley of London is committed to ensuring that every aspect of its business is operating sustainably and that the impacts of product manufacture are being managed responsibly. The business is fully aware of all major impacts and manages these through activities outlined in this policy.

We will ensure our direct operations are managed sustainably through:

  • Educating all employees on how to carry out their role sustainably
  • Keeping energy use to a minimum and ‘switching off’ after use
  • Reducing waste generated and maximising the percentage that is recycled
  • Monitoring business travel for only necessary journeys
  • Working with suppliers to keep packaging to a minimum and of recyclable content eg. Paper/card being PEFC certified, ensuring all wood used at manufacture has been harvested from well-managed and sustainable forests.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure all products are made sustainably and responsibly


Yardley of London is also an active member of CTPA ( to support any consumer or company concerns on raw materials and to improve the environmental practice of the industry.