From the 13th – 15th April, gardening fanatics and green-fingered enthusiasts gathered at Ascot Racecourse to enjoy the first proper weekend of spring at Ascot’s Spring Garden Show.

Flowers sit at the very heart of Yardley London, so it was only natural to collaborate with top designer Pip Probert in bringing the enchanting scents of Yardley’s Floral Classics range to life. Combining the uplifting spring/summer fragrances of Yardley London’s English Rose, English Freesia, English Dahlia, English Bluebell, April Violets, Lily of the Valley and English Lavender, the Yardley Flower Garden truly represented all the charm and elegance of an English spring garden.

From six inspiring flower gardens created by Britain’s finest established and emerging horticultural talent, Yardley’s Flower Garden won the People’s Choice Award.

What has excited you to participate in the Ascot Spring Garden Show this year and what is your involvement as a garden designer?

It is rare to be part of a debut horticultural show that already has lots of excited anticipation because of the prestige and heritage of Ascot. For me, it was a huge accolade to be involved.

Both Ascot and Yardley London are proud to be quintessentially British. As most garden designers will tell you, creating show gardens is an addiction, so this was the perfect opportunity to work with two great British brands and to do what I love most – build a garden for a brand that has flowers at its heart, for people to be inspired by.

How are the Yardley fragrances represented in your Yardley Flower Garden concept?

Much like the Yardley Classic fragrances I wanted to create a garden that had both traditional and contemporary elements. It is a fine line between the two styles but I think Yardley achieve this, staying true to their heritage but in a contemporary and current way.

The garden is multifaceted, there is an area to sit and look out, a space for entertaining, a secluded area and even a place to wander and contemplate the beauty of the floral combinations. Like Yardley’s Classic range that has a fragrance for each occasion, the garden has a space for every mood.

Similar to creating a fragrance the garden has combinations of flowers that, only when together have their desired impact – which is something that Yardley do through scent. I am hoping not only to represent Yardley visually but also to be able to create a sensory fragrant experience, letting people experience a unique natural scent when the enter the garden.

Which flowers will you be featuring in the Yardley Flower Garden?

Colour had remained a key element in the creation of this garden. There will be so many plant types featured in the garden, including Magnolia, Viburnum, Dicentra, Geranium, Erysium and Euphorbias. Even with just those few names you can see that there will be a range of vibrant colours incorporated into this design.

From the Yardley fragrances, I’m looking to include Convallaria (Yardley London Lilly of the Valley), Muscari (Yardley London English Bluebell) and Viola (Yardley London English Violet), so we are keeping our fingers crossed for some of the later flowering plants!

What is the mood you want to create within your Yardley Flower Garden?

I want people to feel at home in this garden. Some of the features are fairly contemporary due to the simplicity, with traditional elements that are conveyed by the materials and planting styles.

Walking around this space should evoke feelings of peace and relaxation - being able to take a breath and feel at home.

What’s your favourite Yardley floral fragrance and why?

I have to say, my favourite is one of the most iconic and well-known scents both in a garden and for Yardley, English Rose. A beautiful modern take on an ever popular fragrance note; it’s such a refreshing floral scent, with top notes of citrus and rose and a very pretty heart of rose bud, magnolia and cassis complimented perfectly with the warm woody notes and patchouli. Love at first spritz!

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