Yardley Gentleman’s new antibacterial Body Washes are specially formulated for men’s skin with a choice of two modern, luxurious Eau de Parfum fragrances to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Available in both 180ml and 650ml, our body washes for men are enriched with activated bamboo charcoal to help deep cleanse and protect from harmful bacteria.

Gentleman Classic Body Wash

Gentleman Classic opens with a fresh citrus and spicy blend of cardamom & black pepper interlaced with a soft heart of floral notes, resting on a luxurious accord of sandalwood, musk, amber and a sweet hint of white chocolate.

Yardley London's Gentleman Classic is available online starting at £2.25/ 180ml

Gentleman Urbane Body Wash

Gentlam Urbane is a flamboyant, dynamic fragrance with a blend of bergamot and lavender on top, followed by masculine notes of thyme and tarragon, settling into a rich dry down of sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

Yardley London's Gentleman Urbane Body Wash available online starting at £2.25/ 180ml